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See our location

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„Poarta Schei 18” apartment is born from the desire to promote one of the most beautiful and history-loaded cities in the country. We have tried to provide as central as  possible starting point in the Brașov exploration journey, which is also found to be peaceful and relaxing after a long day spent discovering this charming city. Thus, the apartment is located in Poarta Schei Street, at 50 yards away from the homonymous gate and the Catherine Gate, across the Neolog Synagogue, just 2 minutes by foot from the Black Church and the famous ″Sforii Street″, 5 minutes by foot from the Council Square (Piața Sfatului) and the area called <După Ziduri>, 10 minutes from Tâmpa Mountain and Bastionul Țesătorilor (the Weavers Bastion). Other easily accessible sights are: The Cable Car on Tâmpa Mountain (1 km), the Aquatic Paradise (2.3 km) or Brașov’s Adventure Park which is near Brașov′s Zoo Park (6.6 km).

 Inside the location, our guests will find a fully equipped kitchen, a big bathroom with shower, a sanitary group, rooms with natural wooden floors, ceramic tiles in bathrooms and kitchen, UHD TVs in each room, a 5.1 audio sound system and free wireless connection. The living room is wormed up by a fireplace with bioethanol, and the access in the apartment is by key card.

The apartment has also an inner courtyard fitted with outdoor furniture (a table and chairs). There are also facilities for disabled people: a wheelchair ramp, a walk-in shower and toilets with handles, interior spaces wide enough to allow the wheelchair handling) and facilities for families with babies (a wooden or travel crib, a baby dining chair).

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Discover Brașov

Located in the center of the country, Brașov City was and remains a bridge between material and spiritual values and an area of symbiosis between Romanian culture and the culture of the cohabiting nationalities.

The Brașov City (known as Ktonstadt in German language, Brassό in Hungarian language, Corona in Latin and mentioned on the ancient maps as Cron∫tadt, Brastovia or Braßov, as well as in the Transylvanian Saxon dialect as Kruhnen or Krűnen or, finally, Krînen) is the county capital city of the same named county of Transylvania, in Romania, and includes the cities of Brașov and Poiana Brașov.

The patron saint of the city is considered to be the Virgin Mary. Its statue is located on one of the buttresses of the Black Church, facing the Council House, with the coat of arms of Brasov carved below in relief.

Every year, in Șcheii Brașovului, on the first Sunday after Easter, that is, on Tomii Sunday, both the people of Brașov and the tourists attend the “Horseback Riding Day” as a unique traditional event. The Junii Brașov Parade is one of the most famous events that takes place annually in our city. Every time, thousands of residents and tourists are attracted to this show that takes place in the center of the old town.

The winter resort Poiana Brașov is located only 12 km away from the city center, with an infrastructure developed for winter sports.

Brasov is also known due to the International Festival “Golden Stag”.

Tourist attractions in Brașov

  • The Black Church
  • Rope Street (Strada Sforii)
  • The Neolog Synagogue
  • Council House and Square
  • Brașov Citadel
  • The White Tower and The Black Tower
  • The Weavers’ Bastion and The Graft Bastion
  • Tâmpa Alley with Tâmpa Cable car
  • The Museum of the First Romanian School and Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church
  • “Casa Mureșenilor” Memorial Museum
  • The History Museum
  • The Museum of Urban Civilization in Brașov
  • Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church
  • Franciscan Church dedicated to St. John the Baptist, Church of St. Bartholomew and The Holy Trinity Orthodox Church
  • Adventure Park Brașov
  • Brașov City Zoo
  • Aquatic Paradise


Events & festivals

  • Brasov City Days And The Parade Of The Juni
  • The Contemporary Drama Festival
  • Jazz & Blues Festival
  • The Comedy Week
  • The International Book And Music Fair
  • The International Festival Of Opera, Operetta And Ballet
  • The International Chamber Music Festival
  • Musica Coronensis
  • Dracula Film Festival
  • Etnovember Festival
  • Brașov, Fairytale City


Gastronomic experiences

They say that nowhere in Romania you will find such a great culinary diversity as in Transylvania.

Great diversity of flavours and tastes

The Romanian cuisine has only benefited from the influences brought by the communities in this area. Saxon, Romanian and Hungarian tastes have blended/mixed in a unique way that we proudly promote today as the traditional Transylvanian cuisine. The traditional culinary recipes in this area have a unique taste, reminding of the specific life of the village, of the land worked hard by the peasants and the ingenuity in turning the fruits of the earth into a feast of tastes.

The specificity of Transylvanian cuisine

 The Transylvanian cuisine is famous for traditional food such as: ″balmoş″, ″bulz″, ″mămăligă toponită″  , fennel soup, tarragon soup, smoked rib bean soup, stuffed mushrooms, ″gulaș″, ″papricaș″, smoked sausages, cheese in goatskin, ″papanași″, ″langoș″, mushroom pancakes and many more.

Traditional restaurants

  • Sergiana
  • Sub Tâmpa
  • Ceasu’ Rău
  • Casa Tudor
  • Pilvax
  • Belvedere Restaurant
  • Hirscher House
  • Prato
  • Bella Musica
  • Trattoria Artisan Food
  • Bistro de l’Arte
  • Festival 39
  • Stâna Turistică – Poiana Brașov
  • Șura Dacilor – Poiana Brașov



The surroundings of Brașov City

          • You can have the city at your feet, from the top of Tâmpa Mountain, where you can reach either by cable car or on foot, or, from the ″Dealul Cetățuii (The Hill of the Citadel), where the old fortress of Brașov is located.
          • POIANA BRAȘOV, is, in winter time, the one of the most cosmopolitan ski resorts in Romania, and in summer time, the resort which delights you with a cool climate and the opportunity to go hiking.
          • THE RÂȘNOV FORTRESS, located at 19 km far from Brașov, follows you strategically from the hill it stands. Its strategic location allowed to control the access road to Transylvania, thus becoming a much visited touristic point alongside the ″Dino Parc″ and the ″Valea Cetății″ cave.
          • THE BRAN CASTEL, also known as Dracula’s Castle, is located at 11km far from Râșnov locality. It became famous all over the world thanks to the movies with vampires, needing no further presentation.

          Other Places of Interest and Relaxation in the area of Brașov

          • Peştera village and Moeciu village
          • The Temple of Fate from Șinca Veche
          • Urlatoarea Waterfall
          • 7 Stairs Canyon and Waterfall
          • Bunloc chairlift
          • Bucegi Natural Park
          • Flight over Brașov

Fortresses and fortifications

          • The Viscri village  shelters  one of the most spectacular Saxon fortified churches,  which is , moreover,  inscribed among the 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
          • The Făgăraș fortress, is mentioned among the few fortresses in Transylvania, never conquered by the invaders, even if it has been attacked countless times. It is a fortress seated at halfway between Sibiu and Brașov, in the middle of the city with the same name. Being positioned at the base of Făgăraș Mountains, this fortress is a real oasis of peace and relaxation.
          • The Castles of Peleş and Pelișor, located in the city of Sinaia, in Prahova Valley, at 44 km far from Brașov City, are some of the most important historical edifices in Romania, having a character of uniqueness and are, by their historical and artistic value, some of the most important monuments of this type in the second half of the 19th century Europe.

            Other tourist attractions in Brașov County

          • Prejmer Fortress
          • Harman Fortress
          • Rupea Fortress
          • Brâncoveanu Monastery from Sâmbătă de Sus
          • Valea Zânelor clay castle
          • Cantacuzino Castle
          • The oak from Mercheașa, 900 years old – the oldest tree in Romania

Our Address

                    Str. Poarta Schei nr. 18                        

Brașov – Romania

By  car

  •  In about 2 hours from Henry Coanda   Airport in Bucharest and 15 minutes from the Central Station. At 3 minutes on foot from our location, you have the possibility to use a paid and guarded parking area, opened 24/7.

By bus

  • By bus 51 from the Central Station to the Maternity Hospital Station and at 3 minutes on foot  from there to our location
  • By bus 4 from the Central Station to Livada Poștei and 10 minutes on foot from there to our location
  • from Livada Poștei by  bus 50, to  the  Maternity Hospital Station and at 3 minutes on foot  from there to our location